"runs like a charm" ???


Russian Niva - As for the "runs like a charm" part:)
Lets just say you drive on 40Klh -  the sound inside of the car is like an old Russian Tractor
we al understand you get a used car and you except to do some work on it - specially wan you pay $1250 US for it ...

in my case The owner listed on eBay and his listing was "runs like a charm"
car need's work and some major work
front will bearing - boll joints - Front & Back shocks and spring's car has no amortization what so ever - steering wheel  shakes and  has  3/4 of a  turn "play" before  the car will go to  left or  right - 
engine is ok - has some oil leaking but it' ok - so farrr - we have only drove the car 5 Mil's in total:
I might start fixing this  car -   just  as a new  Hobby :) Like i need a  new one  -
 will post  some pictures as  we go