Founders of are importing this  car to be used in a new duduk video - sorry  can't say the name of the artist who is  in it ;)
Video has started in Armenia  then continued in Moscow, then in France
in each country Niva  Car was used, so the last  part of the video  will be don in USA

The Car is 1997 Made  For Canadian Use
it has a 1.7 Engine GM-EFI ...
i will get some  more info and pictures soon....

if your  trust - you will get  -= The Rust =-

"runs like a charm" ???


The Lada, known as VAZ in Russia, is built by AvtoVAZ, in Togliatti, Russia's Detroit.
The first Lada, in 1970, was a Russian version of the Fiat 124, and came to be known as the "car of the people". Lada builds a range of vehicles but the most well-known in Europe and Australia is the AWD Niva, introduced in 1976 and regarded as the Russian's Range Rover.

The Lada Niva has changed little in 25 years. The Niva came with a 1600 cc engine, which still has an overhead chain-driven cam. It was boosted to 1700 cc in 1995. The Niva was imported into Australia from 1983 to 1998. In 1990, Lada Australia sold a fuel-injected Lada Toro. The Niva is now factory built with fuel injection but no longer in RHD...